Fair value for land from today

Special Correspondent

House passes Registration Amendment Bill

It seeks to check irregularities in land transactions

Two months to file complaints about fair value

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Assembly on Wednesday unanimously passed the Registration (Kerala Amendment) Bill which seeks to check irregularities in land transactions.

Minister for Registration S. Sarma said the Bill would help to check impersonation and other irregularities in the registration of documents and alienation of public property though registration of bogus transfers.

The Minister announced that two months' time would be given to file complaints about the notified fair value of land for registration purposes which comes into effect from Thursday.

15 categories

Mr. Sarma said the fair value had been fixed after classifying land into 15 categories. The process had been monitored at different levels to avoid complaints.

He said the Bill would have to be ratified by the President as the amendment was to a Central Act.

Earlier, participating in the debate on the Bill, K.V. Abdul Khader (CPI-M) said the Bill would prevent swindling involving registration of transfer of properties without the knowledge of the owner.

Varkala Kahar (Congress) urged that steps should be taken to prevent registration of bogus documents at the offices of sub-registrars.