Experts to take part in cyber seminar

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Seminar in capital on February 8 and 9

It is being held in view of the rise in cyber crimes

Only 217 crimes registered under the IT Act in 2007

KOCHI: Some of the country’s top experts and authorities on cyber law, cyber crime and cyber security will converge in Thiruvananthapuram on February 8 and 9 to participate in a national seminar being organised by the Web Services Team at C-DIT (Centre for Development of Imaging Technology).

The seminar on “Cyber crimes, Cyber laws and Cyber security” is being conducted in the context of the increasing cyber crimes in the country, not all of which are getting reported.

Crime statistics

And when reported, these are not necessarily being dealt with under the information technology (IT) Act. Cyber crime statistics reveal only the tip of the iceberg, as it reflects only cases registered by the police.

Just about 217 cyber crime cases were registered under the IT Act in 2007, said the organisers of the seminar.

Topics of seminar

The major topics that the seminar will cover include ‘Trends in white collar crimes,’ ‘Digital signatures and other security measures,’ ‘Cyber forensics and challenges for law enforcement,’ ‘Appreciation of digital evidences in courts,’ ‘Cyber crimes: The Indian legal perspectives,’ and ‘Challenges to the enterprises.’


Officials from the government departments, controller of certifying authorities, C-DAC, police officials from various States, legal authorities and senior lawyers, information technology experts, students, teachers and legal correspondents will participate in the seminar.

Supreme Court Judge V.S. Sirpurkar will inaugurate the seminar, while Joint Secretary and Financial Advisor of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology E.K. Bharath Bhushan will deliver the keynote address at the seminar.

Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon, member, Committee on Central-State Relations, will deliver the presidential address.

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