Exhibition to dispel Islamophobia

Special Correspondent

KOCHI: With a view to projecting the “real face of Islam” at a time of increasing Islamophobia worldwide, a 10-day exhibition organised by the Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen is currently on at the international stadium here. Cultural conferences, religious discourses, seminars on human rights and women’s issues figured prominently at the meet titled ‘Salvation’.

It traces the history, faith traditions and myriad cultural expressions of Islamic communities and tries to highlight the pacifist and humanistic faces of the nascent religion in the world. The show, it is claimed, is a way to counter the “western-media created terrorist image of Islam” in the post-9/11 period and dispel the misconceptions about Islamic practices.

Waleed Khalid Al-Ammar, a senior official of the Kuwait government, who opened the show here last week, said terrorism and superstitions were absolutely alien to the Islamic faith. It was these two issues that had been the chief causes for Islam being misunderstood now. He urged the Muslims in India, which gave its citizens the freedom of religion and worship, to create a harmonious social atmosphere.

Speakers at the seminar pointed out the need to present the real spirit and character of Islam against the relentless western campaign to dub all Muslims terrorists and promoters of violence. They regretted that for the mistakes of a minuscule minority, which professed violence to get even with perceived injustice to Muslims, the entire global Islamic community was being dubbed terrorists.

An array of speakers drawn from public life addressed meetings at the exhibition venue during the past one week. The exhibition will conclude on May 11.

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