Dubbed films rule box office

Dubbed versions of Telugu movies are giving Malayalam film industry a run for its money at the box-office. Actor Allu Arjun’s ‘Happy’ had set the cash-registers ringing for the distributors recently.

The movie had also crossed the 50-day mark in leading release stations in Kerala.

The success of ‘Happy’ later triggered the release of more dubbed versions like ‘Bunny’ and ‘Hero,’ featuring the same actor.

The grapevine has it that more Telugu movies are getting ready for release in the coming days. Industry observers point out that the cost for dubbing a movie made in Telugu is very less but the returns are always high.

A leading Malayalam film director said the cost for dubbing would be around Rs. 10 lakh. If the movie runs for more than 50 days, the returns would be several times bigger than the investment. Industry representatives say that Malayalam movies are rated higher, qualitatively, than Telugu films.

But Telugu films come with all necessary ingredients to attract the youth. Racy narrative, songs and fight sequences shot in exotic locales and slick editing give them an edge at the box-office.

Steps to success

Newcomers in Telugu industry are also famous for their dancing prowess. Distributors are cashing in on these aspects to bring more youngsters into theatres.

G. Krishnakumar

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