Diversity of the nation being exploited: RSS chief

Disciplined: RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat arriving to address a State meeting of the organisation in Kollam on Wednesday.

Disciplined: RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat arriving to address a State meeting of the organisation in Kollam on Wednesday.   | Photo Credit: — PHOTO: C. SURESH KUMAR

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KOLLAM: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat has said the Central government is taking no clear stand on countering cross-border terrorism despite continuing attacks on the country.

He was addressing a ‘pranta sanghik’ (State assembly) of the RSS here on Wednesday.

The RSS veteran said the diversity of the nation is being exploited by forces across the border to keep the nation divided. The forces who are trying to gain control over the world are ruled by selfishness and extreme intolerance. They nurse a wishful thinking that they can achieve a world of their own. This is impossible because unity needs uniformity, and the world is not uniform.


Intolerance also creates problems. The votaries of intolerance resort to even mass killings to make others toe their line. Only Hindutva tolerates everything in the world. The foundation of the RSS is based on Hindutva. Though some may term Hindutva as obsolete, in reality, Hindutva is not only modern but post-modern as well. Even the votaries of capitalism are working overtime to make the country toe the line of the United States. Countries that form just 4 per cent of the world are trying to take over the entire resource of the world. Only the Hindu society takes a genuine stand against such selfish outlook. So only Hindutva can save the world. Hindutva is not an ism but a ‘vishwa darshan’ that can lead the world. The unity of Hindus is imperative for the dawn of a better world. For the past 85 years, the RSS has been striving for that unity. One has to experience the RSS to get a true picture of the organisation, he said.

The RSS leader said all those living in India are Indians and they can go to any part of the country. This means not only to Mumbai but to Kashmir as well. But why Kashmir is being kept isolated for the vast majority of Indians, he asked. Even when courts state that religion-based reservation is unconstitutional, the West Bengal government is implementing such a reservation policy.

The RSS chief said India needs a swadeshi policy. The country does not need Bt brinjal. Instead of promoting a mechanisation spree, the human resource potential of the country has to be utilised.

Mr. Bhagwat’s address in Hindi to an assembly of one lakh swayamsevaks in uniform from all over the State was translated into Malayalam by RSS pranta pracharak A. Gopalakrishnan.

RSS pranta karyavah P. Gopalankutty introduced Mr. Bhagwat to the assembly. This is his first visit to the State after taking over as sarsanghchalak. Assembly organising committee president V. Ramachandran Nair presented a traditional lamp to Mr. Bhagwat.

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