Demand for payment of enhanced boarding grant

Staff Reporter

KOZHIKODE: The Kerala Federation of the Blind has appealed to the State government to pay the enhanced boarding grant of Rs.750 a month to students in special schools on an urgent basis.

Federation State president C.K. Abubacker said the government had raised the boarding grant for special school students from Rs.500 to Rs.750 in the 2008 budget. But after almost a year, no order had been passed to ensure that the sum was paid.

“It has become extremely difficult for us to make ends meet, especially since prices of essential commodities have gone up beyond measure,” Mr. Abubacker said.

The boarding grant of Rs.500 was fixed more than 13 years ago.

Medical grant

The medical grant of Rs.100 a year paid to a special school was grossly inadequate. This should be increased to a minimum of Rs.1,000 a year for a student considering the high cost of medicines and treatment, he said.

The Central Social Welfare Board paid Rs.1,000 for a student in schools for the differently abled, it was pointed out.

There are as many as 46 special schools in the State, accounting for 5,000-odd hostel occupants.

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