Civic body for stern action against littering

Staff Reporter

Penalty can go up to Rs.25,000

Special squads to recover banned plastic bags

Slaughterhouses should install

biogas plants

Kozhikode: The City Corporation will strictly enforce the Solid Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules from Thursday.

Those who litter public places will be fined between Rs.100 and Rs.25,000 and imprisoned up to six months. The punishment will depend on the gravity of the offence. The existing fine is Rs.250.

The secretary of the Corporation will decide on the penalty. Appeals against the penalties can be submitted before the chairman of the Standing Committee on Health and Education.

Under the new rules, storage and piling up of waste at households for more than a fixed time could attract a fine of Rs.1,000 and diverting waste water to roads, Rs.2,500. The fine for dumping of carcass at public places is Rs.5,000 and polluting water, Rs.500.

Offenders will be charged Rs.250 for not keeping their residential premises tidy. The fine for littering bio-medical waste will be Rs.10,000. Residents blocking streets by piling building debris will be fined Rs. 3,500.

The rules will be applicable to plastic waste as well. Kudumbasree volunteers engaged in the door-to-door collection of waste materials had stopped collecting plastic carry bags below the thickness of 30 microns from March 1. Soon they would stop collecting plastic carry bags that do not have specified seal stating that these are above 30 microns.

Special squads have been formed to recover the banned plastic bags. The fine will be Rs.500 for the first time offence; Rs.5,000 for the second time and Rs.10,000 for the third time. The punishment for the fourth time offender will be a fine of Rs.25,000 and imprisonment up to six months, officials said.

Heath inspectors have already launched a campaign to discourage residents from using plastic bags. They have distributed leaflets regarding the new rules. Henceforth the residents will also have to pay additional amount for generating more garbage. As of now a household remitted Rs.50 per month for the service rendered by their neighbourhood Kudumbasree unit. Chicken stalls and slaughterhouses will also have to adhere to the new rules. The owners will have to install biogas plants and incinerators for the safe disposal of waste from their shops.