Caricatures delight visitors

Jabir Mushthari

On display at Akademi Art Gallery

Kozhikode: “Cartoons try to portray a topic or an issue with a visible comic or sarcastic tenor, while caricatures capture different features of a character or a personality with certain amount of entertaining exaggerations,” says M. Dileef, whose cartoon works and caricatures along with select cartoons of Karunakaran Perambra are exhibited at the Akademi Art Gallery.

Dileef, who works as a cartoon and drawing teacher in Abu Dhabi, feels newspapers in Gulf countries give more importance to caricatures than cartoons, unlike most Indian dailies.

“They seem to have explored the possibilities of caricature more than we have done,” he says.

The artist, who has conducted caricature workshops in India and abroad, says there are interesting differences in the way caricatures are done by artists in West Asian countries and here in India.

According to him, most of the caricature artists in these countries give equal importance to the body and the head of the subject in their works.

“Our caricatures often only concentrate on the face or head of the subject,” says Dileef.

The physical gestures and body language are yet to be explored properly in the caricatures of our artists, he says adding that caricature is an artistic “celebration of individual features.”

His works on show include caricatures of international figures such as Hugo Chavez, Manmohan Singh, A.R. Rahman, Condoleezza Rice and Princess Diana besides some political cartoons.


The show also has more than 20 political cartoons of Karunakaran Perambra, who worked in some Malayalam dailies and magazines besides having published works in many periodicals.

In one of his work featuring U.S. President Barack Obama, the president’s pre-election refrain “change” transforms slowly into “chain,” making his political criticism evident.

From takes on the Gaza strip attack of Israel and the hegemonic international moves of the former U.S. president George Bush to the incident of ‘shoe-throwing’ on the President, his cartoons cover a range of international events with a clear political stand.

The work titled ‘Sthithi’ attracts particular attraction for the brevity and the sarcasm it holds against the so-called intellectuals.

The show will come to an end on July 28.

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