Capturing life on the beach


Director Jagadeesh Chandran sheds light on the unholy nexus between the police and the drug mafia in this film, shot entirely at Kovalam.

Williams (Captain Raju), a former life-guard stays on the beach with his two children, Christie (Nishant Sagar) and Iorene (Sreedevika). He leads a retired life after the death of his wife.

Iorene sells readymade garments on the beach, while Christie takes after his father. Once, he saves the life of Aleena (Ambili), a journalist and they become close friends.

Drug trap

Ali Khan (Madhupal), who runs a retail outlet on the beach, reveals Aleena’s link in the drug trade, forcing her to beg Christie to forget her. Ali Khan then manages to trap Iorene in drug trafficking. The police recover a sachet from her bag, but Christie steps in to save his sister.

The police take him into custody. He is brutally beaten up at the behest of the drug mafia.

Within a few days of his release, Iorene is found dead under mysterious circumstances. The rest of the story revolves around the cracking of the case.

All the veteran actors have enacted their roles well, but the youngsters are found wanting. Light moments are provided by Jagathi Sreekumar, Indrans, Kochu Preman and Kalpana.

The cast includes Sphadikam George, Machan Varghese, Kanakalatha and Sidharaj. The lyrics of Jophi Tharakan are set to music by Natesh Sankar. Tony wields the camera for this film scripted by Sreemoolanagaram Ponnan.

‘Kovalam’ was produced by Jeny Susan for Kichu Films.

G. Jayakumar