Call to drop move for cluster colleges

Staff Reporter

Kozhikode: The Government College Teachers Organisation (GCTO) has demanded that the government drop the move to introduce cluster colleges in the State. The concept of cluster colleges allowing students to accumulate and transfer credits from one institution to another was not viable in the State, GCTO office-bearers said here on Tuesday.

Prof. S. Rajan, general secretary, who briefed the resolutions passed at a State meeting here, said that the National Knowledge Commission had recommended the concept so as to pool the resources of educational institutions to achieve resource optimisation. However, this concept would be practicable only in colleges where politicisation of the campus was either minimal or nil. Here it was not possible.

Considering the situation in the State, the concept would not achieve the desired result. In contrast, its very purpose would be defeated, he said.

The meeting also demanded that the government immediately implement the University Grants Commission wage revision announced by the Centre recently. Another resolution passed at the meeting was seeking the government to start fresh graduate and undergraduate courses at government colleges.

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