Bordering on the mysterious


Mayakazhcha, directed by Akhilesh Guruvilas, starts off with some eerie situations, but loses steam midway. It is scripted by John Zacharia.

Raja Varma Thamburan (Captain Raju) of Umayelloor Palace returns to his ancestral home after many years.

The caretaker of the Palace, Kilippadam (Kochin Haneefa), reminds him of a curse on the kottaram — all young girls in the family die young. Raja Varma becomes worried about the fate of his grand daughter Aswathy Thamburatti (Kiran) and consults an astrologer.

He finds that a young musician was killed in the palace while rendering a rare composition and suggests that a three-day pooja be held in which Aswathy Thamburatti would take part. On the third day, she will open the doors of the temple, and marry the first person at the temple doors.

Mayakazhcha is produced by Hussain Kulimuttam for C H Movies.

G. Jayakumar

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