Bonus hiked for Supplyco employees

The regular employees of the State Civil Supplies Corporation (Supplyco) will each receive a bonus of Rs.7,600 this year as against Rs.7,050 last year.

The benefits of employees of Supplyco and four other companies under the departments of Food and Civil Supplies, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development, payable before Onam, were decided at a conference of officials and representatives of the employees here on Thursday.

Food and Civil Supplies Minister C. Divakaran, who presided, told the media after the conference that higher bonus was being provided to its staff as Supplyco had turned the corner. Besides bonus, they would each be eligible for an Onam kit priced at Rs.800 and a recoverable advance of Rs.10,000. Government employees deputed to the corporation would each get Rs.6,500 as bonus against Rs.6,000 last year. Employees not eligible for bonus on account of higher salaries would each get an allowance of Rs.4,550 against Rs.4,050.

The employees of Kerala Feeds Ltd. would each be given performance allowance of Rs.14,000 against Rs.12,500 last year, besides festival advance of Rs.15,000.

The head-load workers engaged by the company would each receive Rs.6,500 as performance allowance against Rs.5,000 last year. They would also be eligible for a recoverable advance of Rs.17,500 each. Temporary head-load workers would get Rs.4,500. Casual labourers and marketing staff would get one month's salary as performance allowance and Rs.2,000 as advance.

The employees of Meat Products of India would each get an incentive of Rs.2,500 this season against Rs.1,500 last year, besides a bonus of Rs.4,500. Mr. Divakaran said the bonus for the employees of the State Poultry Development Corporation would be raised to 10 per cent as the company had made profits this year.

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