Awareness campaign on lane discipline planned Traffic in Focus

City buses are creating havoc on the road, moving into the thick of the traffic from all sides and double parking along the side of other vehicles. They threaten to run over other road users. Intimidating fellow road

users is fun for the drivers of most private buses. We can only watch these buses breaking the queue and intimidating others.

Lloyd Francis Thyveetil

Kochi Rash driving by buses in Kochi City is one of the main dangers on the road, but in recent times we have cracked down heavily on such drivers and we have been able to bring some sense of discipline on them.

We have also organised special classes for these drivers on various aspects of safe driving and we will intensify our efforts on this front in the future also.

From the Medical Trust hospital junction, it is difficult to turn left, towards Valanjambalam, as vehicles towards Ravipuram occupy both lanes. This holds up the vehicles moving towards Sahodaran Ayyappan road, causin

g heavy traffic jam on the Jos Junction-Medical Trust hospital stretch. It will be beneficial if an arrangement is made so that vehicles can turn smoothly left towards Sahodaran Ayyappan road from MG road.

M.B. Vijayakumar

Kollanpady We are trying to implement the free left scheme, particularly at this junction.

The whole system runs well if we post policemen at that point, but due to shortage of manpower we are unable to do this on a continuous basis. Anyway we are planning a massive awareness campaign for spreading the message of lane traffic discipline.

Could you not make it mandatory to use only low beam lights within the city, where there is ample street lighting? Also, vehicles overtaking through left should b booked.

Praveen Menon

Kochi These two violations are our priority items and we have been strictly enforcing the same and we will continue to do so. The Highway police have been specifically instructed to book such cases of non-dipping of lights on the national highway.

The autorickshaw stand at Vazhakkala is a public nuisance. It causes great hardship to the bus passengers alighting at Vazhakkala. The bus stop for buses coming from Ernakulam side is crowded with autorickshaws parked

there. At anytime, more than 25 autorikshaws could be seen parked on the northern side of the Civil Lines road from Vazhakkala junction up to the market. Because of this, the buses are stopping on the main road itself, and causing traffic blocks. As the autorickshaws are parked in line from Vazhakkala junction to the market about 100 metres towards east, passengers could not alight from the buses easily. As a remedial measure to this, I suggest that the number of autorickshaws waiting in the bus stop be restricted to three or four at a time and all other autorickshaws be asked to wait at the southern side of Civil Lines road opposite Hotel Malabar.

Paul C. Thomas

E-mail The problem pointed out by you seems to be genuine. Finding an alternate parking place for the autos is almost an impossible task.

Anyway we will get in touch with the unions and see whether we can effectively implement your suggestion on segregation of vehicles so that the buses have adequate facilities for stopping off the road.

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