Adoptive families’ meet: a way to sensitise children

Staff Reporter

KOCHI: It is important for adopted children to know that they are not the biological children of their parents. But it is also a most difficult moment for both the adopted child as well as the adoptive parents. To find out that they are not like most other children in the society may cause many psychological problems in a growing child and parents may find it difficult to deal with such a situation.

It is for helping each other in such matters that Kerala Adoptive Families Organisation was formed ten years ago. Now there are families with children over 20 years too who attend the meeting that is conducted annually, said general secretary of the organisation, K.N. Gopalan Nair.

Coming to the annual meet is a way of getting to know their status as an adopted child. Hence, it dawns on children gradually. When they meet many other children who have the same status, they perhaps do not feel so desperate about their adopted status. It is good for the child to know about it when he or she starts asking questions about their own birth.

Members of this organisation bring their child to the meeting when they are about a year old. Children have separate game and show sessions when parents attend classes by psychologists. As the issue is rather sensitive, there are few children who come out in the open to say that they are adopted. A few families have found it difficult to handle situations when their adolescent child gets to know about the adopted status, said Mr. Nair.

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