Adiyattu launches new political outfit

Sreesan Adiyattu, who was expelled from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), launched a new political outfit, Democratic People's Forum (DPF), on Thursday. He was expelled on July 26 from the primary membership of the party for the next six years on charges of anti-party activities and perpetrating financial irregularities.

Addressing his supporters at a meeting here, Mr. Adiyattu said the new outfit was not an alternative to the BJP.

“The DPF is not against the BJP. The forum, however, includes defectors from the BJP. The forum will propagate the ideology that I and my colleagues have learnt from the ‘Swayamsevak' tradition. Till my death, I will uphold the values I picked up as a ‘Swayamsevak,” he said.

He claimed that the allegations against him were unfounded. He stated that the DPF would intervene in issues facing the people, irrespective of caste, religious and electoral considerations.

He said the office-bearers of the Thrissur Assembly committee of the DPF would be announced within two days.

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