Adivasis allege neglect by MLA

Protest: Adivasi women cooking rice gruel in front of the District Information Office in Malappuram on Wednesday.  

Staff Reporter

MALAPPURAM: Adivasis of the Mundengara Veettikunnu colony in the Wandoor constituency took out a march to the District Collectorate here on Wednesday protesting against neglect of the local MLA.

The protestors under the banner of the Adivasi Kshema Samiti (AKS), an organisation patronised by the CPI(M), broke into the Civil Station compound and held a sit-in in front of the District Information Office.

The protestors demanded that the road to the Mundengara Pallippadam Veetikunnu colony be made motorable and the local MLA, A.P. Anil Kumar, end his alleged neglect of the colony. The protestors made a hearth in front of the Collectorate and cooked rice gruel symbolically.

The protestors, planning an indefinite satyagraha in front of the Collectorate, reached the Civil Station gate around 11.15 a.m., and barged into the Collectorate compound pushing aside the few police personnel on duty.

The police, startled by the Adivasi action, called for more personnel and the marchers were blocked in front of the District Information Office. Coaxed by the police, the protestors withdrew from the compound and sat in dharna outside the Civil Station gate.

Karshaka Thozhilali Union district president V.V. Gopinath inaugurated the dharna. Adivasi Kshema Samiti district secretary M.R. Subramanian, Karshaka Thozhilali Union State committee member M.P. Alavi and CPI(M) local leader M.P. Ahamed addressed the protestors.

The Adivasis ended their agitation after an assurance given by Collector M.C. Mohandas that speedy measures would be taken to reconstruct the road.

The police registered a case against 50-odd people for forcible entry into the Civil Station compound.

MLA denies charge

A.P. Anil Kumar, MLA, meanwhile, denied the allegations of neglect raised against him by the Adivasi Kshema Samiti.

He said the allegations were politically motivated.

Mr. Anil Kumar said that the road to the Adivasi colony should have been built by the Public Works Department. He said he had an insignificant role to play for the construction of it as an MLA.

He said the road would cost about Rs.4.5 crore.