9/11 terror hunt raised dangers: Vice-Chancellor

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Wants restrained media coverage of terror

‘Hunting terrorists not the only way to root out terrorism’

‘Terror knows only one language’

TENHIPALAM: Anwar Jahan Zuberi, Vice-Chancellor, University of Calicut, said here on Saturday that the media should behave in a way that helped security officials to perform their duty.

Referring to the recent Mumbai terror attacks, she said that young journalists had thrown the ethics of their profession to the winds and they had to be tackled by the security guards.

She was inaugurating Communion 09, the anniversary celebrations of Mass Communication Alumni Association (MASCAA) on the university campus. A seminar on ‘Covering terror’ was the key event.

Instead of showing gory images of an attack, the media can sensibly convey much more information by other subtle means, she said.

“We should realise that acts of terrorism increased 10 times after America launched its 9/11 terror hunt. America may have succeeded in preventing terror in that country, but the world has become more unsafe. This shows that hunting terrorists is not the only solution to root out the menace of terrorism,” she said.

She said it was the lack of self-regulation by the Indian media that prompted the authorities to draft a new set of rules for the mass media.

“We should realise that terror knows only one language, no matter [whether] it is perpetrated by Muslim fundamentalists, or Hindutva zealots, or the state police machinery, or hired goons, or any community. Killing of innocent people is a crime to humanity,” she said.

“Violence and killing, irrespective of who does it, should be treated with the same concern and seriousness. A life lost is a life lost, no matter [whether] it is of an ordinary person or of an elite personage. This is where our media should have a rethink,” she said.

Prof. Zuberi gave away prizes to the winners of an essay competition conducted by MASCAA.

P. P. Shaju, secretary of MASCAA, welcomed the gathering. Subhash Kuttan, Head of the Department of Mass Communication, University of Kerala, and Sucheta Nair, Head of the Department of Mass Communication, University of Calicut, offered felicitations. Nilofer Unneen, student of Mass Communication Department, proposed a vote of thanks.

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