Withdraw trimester system: MLC

Meeting of MLCs and officials of Education Department to be held in Bangalore on Thursday

Staff Correspondent

DAVANGERE: H.S. Shivashankar, MLC, said the trimester scheme, which was introduced recently in schools, should be removed from the next academic year and semester system be restored.

Speaking to presspersons here on Tuesday, he said that he and a few others had met the Minister for Primary Education, Ramalinga Reddy, and urged him to remove the system. Moreover, the system had created lot of confusion in holding examinations, he said.


The Minister reportedly told them that since textbooks and all other preparations had been made for the present academic year, the trimester system could not be withdrawn.

However, he assured the delegation that he will see to it that the system is removed from the next academic year.

Mr. Reddy has convened a meeting of MLCs and senior officials from the Education Department on Thursday in Bangalore to discuss the reforms that need to be incorporated in the present system.

Mr. Shivashankar said he will address the teachers' problems at the meeting.

He expressed opposition for instituting a single-member commission for revision of teachers' pay and urged the Government to reconstitute the pay commission by including two more members, preferably retired High Court judges.

He said the commission must look into the salary discrimination apart from pay revision.

He claimed to have met the Deputy Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, and asked him to soften the rules pertaining to appointment of teachers to aided schools.

K.C. Puttasiddashetty, former MLC and general secretary of the Karnataka State High School Assistant Teachers' Association, urged the pay commission to consider the price index and the pay scales in neighbouring States before revising the pay scales.

He urged the commission to recommend an increase of 32.50 per cent over the basic pay.

He said the trimester system was introduced in haste. The examination system is ambiguous. He urged the Government to restore the semester scheme. He said though over 2,000 teachers' posts are vacant in different parts of the State, the Financial Department still has not given its approval to fill the posts.


The association alleged that the Karnataka Secondary Education Board has committed serious lapses over the past two years and demanded an inquiry.

Mr. Puttasiddashetty alleged that answer scripts had been valued by non-teaching staff. There were instances when physical training teachers had allegedly valuated the answer scripts of science and mathematics.

He also alleged that though question papers were out much before the examinations at different places, the Board hushed up the matter and conducted the examinations.

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