Vedike formed to protect farmers' interests

BHEEMARAYANAGUDI, AUG. 21. The Krishna Vedike, a non-political pressure group, consisting of engineers, irrigation experts, progressive farmers, and journalists, was formed today.

The Vedike was formed to protect the interests of farmers in the command area of the Upper Krishna Project (UKP).

The former managing director of the Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam, S. Raja Rao, inaugurated the vedike at a simple function here today.

The convener of the vedike, Bhaskar Rao, said that the vedike proposed to take up the question of allocating more water under Scheme B of the Bachawat Tribunal Award before the new tribunal constituted under the chairmanship of Brijesh Kumar to fix the share of additional water available in the Krishna among the riparian states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


Mr. Rao said that Karnataka had not got its due share in Scheme A of the Bachawat Tribunal due to the lack of awareness among the people and the failure on the part of the then Government to marshal its arguments in a more effective manner.

However, the people of the State would not allow any injustice by the new tribunal in the allocation of additional water.

He said that better water management was the need of the hour so as to avoid fields getting waterlogged, and salinity, which were the major problems faced in the command areas.

The "warabhandi" practice of regulating the release of water should be implemented more effectively. V.T. Nargod welcomed the gathering and Shivaram, an agricultural scientist, presided over the function.