Varsity law college students complain of lack of facilities

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Take out procession, submit memorandum to Governor T.N. Chaturvedi

Students unable to access library since July 1, 2006 The new campus lacks basic facilities, say the protesters

BANGALORE: What will the students do when a reputed University Law College shifts its campus but does not move its library or get regular part-time teachers to address acute shortage? They protest, like they did vociferously on Wednesday, taking out a rally from the college's new Jnanabharathi campus to the Gandhi Statue on Mahatma Gandhi Road. The students will continue their boycott of classes on Thursday as well.

In a memorandum submitted to the Governor and University Chancellor, T.N. Chaturvedi, the students complained that they were deprived of access to the college library from July 1 on the pretext of shifting the campus from Central College to Jnanabharathi.

The library, said the students, "was sealed temporarily. The staff did not function for months and the students could not access any of the books, journals, magazines, computers, internet and telephone facilities. The most pathetic stage is that even the lecturers have no material to teach the subject."

On the new campus, the library building is incomplete. he students felt the college could have at least used a temporary space to keep the books till the new building was ready. Principal Dr. K.M. Hanumantharayappa blamed the librarian's "personal entanglement" with the administration for the problem. "I have written to the librarian to shift the books immediately. A lorry will go to the Central College on Thursday to bring the books. This was decided at a department council meeting, which I convened today," he told The Hindu .

But the absence of a library has not stopped the college from arranging its regular tests, the first of which will begin in a few days. Students complained that they had absolutely no material to research or refer, although classes began at the new campus on August 21. Several requests to the authorities concerned did not help. The principal had asked them to meet the University Registrar. But that did not solve their problem either, they said. Although the college building was new, the facilities were inadequate. There was no toilet for women although a majority of the students were women. Many classrooms were kept locked, and the college did not boast of even an approach road. "In this scenario, we have absolutely no one to guide us in any of the subjects, for undergraduate and postgraduate courses." The desperation for the facilities was apparent. The students had to face the final semester examination in a few days, without access to the books or part-time teachers, who are reportedly irregular to class.

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