Traffic restored after 40-hour hold-up

BELLARY, FEB. 26. Traffic between Hospet and Mariyammanhalli on National Highway 13 was disrupted for over 40 hours following a breakdown of a heavy vehicle.

The police helped traffic resume on Thursday evening.

The heavy vehicle, carrying a pipe measuring 120 ft long and 15 ft in diameter and weighing 130 tonnes, broke down near the Kanivi Veerbhadreshwara Temple.

Police said the chassis of the vehicle got cut.

As a result, a large number of lorries on either side were stranded from the early hours of Wednesday.

The road, beyond the temple, has a steep inclination and also several curves. There is a railway gate.

Of late, the stretch has become a traffic bottleneck with hold-ups reported every now and then. A number of lorries ply between Bijapur and Bangalore on this road.

The efforts of the police to get the vehicle removed from the place with a crane were in vain. As an alternative, the pipe was being cut.

Meanwhile, police got the "kutcha" area, adjacent to the road, filled with mud and stones to help restore traffic. "Vehicular traffic is being restored now," the Superintendent of Police, Hemant Nimbalkar, told The Hindu over phone.