Tickets priced high for Elton John show?

Bangalore Oct. 31. There is something about candles that instantly reminds you of Elton John. Well, after all, ``Candle in the Wind'' is one of his best-loved songs.

But he sang that quite some time ago (it was originally written in Marilyn Monroe's memory).

Surely, the ``wind'' should have put that flame out by now, or does Elton John still have enough of his old charm to draw today's youth to his concert here on Saturday?

For most of the youth aged 18-21, the singer belonged to a generation completely "alien."

"He is old and boring,'' said Fatima from Christ College.

But wasn't his music of interest, either?

Kelsang from National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad), who is visiting Bangalore at present, felt his songs were "too slow."

Menaka (from Christ College) shared his view. "I prefer Bryan Adams,'' she said.

What about the concert in the City? Wouldn't that be a ``different'' experience?

Denka from the National Law School of India University said she "would rather hang out with friends than go watch Elton John perform live.''

However, several others differed. They liked his music but the entrance fee (tickets are priced at Rs.3,000, Rs.2,000 and Rs.1,000) for the show had put them off.

Grace from Christ College loved his music. "But I am happy with my cassettes and CDs and will not spend so much to watch him perform at a concert,'' she said.

Aditya from PESIT agreed. "The tickets are too expensive,'' he pointed out.

Perhaps, tickets priced reasonably would have attracted the City's Saturday evening crowd. Just perhaps!

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