This lightweight packs a punch

The Amogh 5.56 mm displayed at on the stalls during the Aero India 2013 at Air Force Station Yelahanka in Bangalore on 6th February 2013.— Photo: K Bhagya Prakash  

Lightweight, easy to carry and handle, and boasting the smallest cartridge in the world in the 5.56 calibre, the Amogh 5.56 mm carbine is especially soldier-friendly.

Indigenously developed by the Indian Ordnance Factory Board, Amogh is now on the market shelf and being showcased to prospective customers at the 9th biennial Aero India 2013 at Air Force Station, Yelahanka here.

While traditionally the length of the cartridge is 45 mm, this one is 30 mm long.

While the impact and lethality of this carbine that uses the smallest cartridge remains the same as that of the traditional carbine, soldiers can carry more ammunition as the cartridges weigh less, and the carbine weighs less than 3 kg.

“A few thousand of these rifles have been taken by units in the paramilitary forces and the Indian Navy. But now, we are looking for demand from abroad for this latest carbine,” Deepak Gupta of the OFB told The Hindu . He said OFB was the first in the world to develop a 30 mm cartridge in the 5.56 calibre. “Even NATO forces use the 45 mm cartridge.”