Tension in Lingsugur as groups clash

RAICHUR, MARCH 3. There was tension in Lingsugur town following a stone-throwing incident reported during Muharram procession on Monday. Apart from injuries to several activists of the Bajrang Dal, a police van, a jeep and a bus belonging to NEKRTC, were damaged in the incident.

At about 8.45 p.m., a youth threw a stone at the processionists which led to clashes between two groups. A platoon of reserved police posted there was outnumbered when a few more groups from the two sides attacked each other with stones.

The police resorted to lathicharge on the mob when the situation went of control. They burst tear gas shells and fired a few rounds of rubber bullets in the air when the irate groups threw stones at the van of the district Reserved Police.

Later, an irate group entered the police station in the town and threw stones at the policemen when they refused to initiate action against a rival group. The windowpane of a jeep parked outside the police station was damaged in the incident.

The police resorted to lathicharge and fired a few rounds of rubber bullets to quell the mob.

Now, the situation is said to be under control. Additional forces have been posted in the town.

A case has been registered at the Lingsugur Police Station.