Subodh Kerkar to create ‘the pyramid' at Art Chennai

Subodh Kerkar

Subodh Kerkar  

The pyramid will be 12-foot tall with an 18-foot base and 51.50 slope

Goan artist Subodh Kerkar has been invited to create an installation on Marina Beach, Chennai, for the public art projects of “Art Chennai 2012”.

This is the second edition of Art Chennai, which is promoted by Tulsyan NEC Ltd. To commemorate the visual art form, Art Chennai brings home an annual week-long fixture representing the best of modern and contemporary art, by providing a unique opportunity for art to be received by a large and discerning audience globally.

“Targeted to be India's largest fair for festival of modern and contemporary art, Art Chennai is aimed at bridging gaps between the general public, art collectors, historians, curators, critics, art entrepreneurs, and art investors,” Mr. Kerkar said here on Tuesday.

In 2011, Art Chennai launched its first edition with participation from over 15,000 art enthusiasts. The second edition which began last Sunday will continue till this Sunday. Mr. Kerkar will create an installation “The Pyramid” which is a memorial for the Tsunami victims.

Speaking about “The pyramid”, Mr. Kerkar says: “I am a sea artist. The ocean is my master and my muse and often my medium and my theme.” Tagore says: “The waves write their poetry on the sand and not satisfied wipe them off over and over again. My installations are my poetry on the sand waiting to be destroyed by the sea.

“A day after the Tsunami devastated the eastern coast of India; I went for a walk on Chapora beach in Goa. I noticed hundreds of plastic and rubber slippers which were washed ashore by the waves. Though the Tsunami did not affect the western coast of India, I could not help thinking that they belonged to the victims of the wave. I collected the slippers and arranged them in a composition on the beach People stopped at my work, stood in silence, and prayed for the victims.”

“Torii” is a Japanese gate belonging to the Shinto tradition. It is a gate between the physical and the spiritual world, between life and death.

“In my installation “The pyramid” created out of bamboo, I have incorporated the “Torii” gate along with the slippers I collected on the beach. “The pyramid will be 12-feet tall with an 18-feet base and 51.50 slope, which tallies with the proportions of the great Egyptian pyramids. The pyramid will be totally constructed in bamboo and painted red. Chappals tied to long strings will be attached to the base of the pyramid.

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