Students anxious about non-availability of books

Staff Correspondent

MYSORE: Students in Mysore, as in the rest of the State, are in a fix due to the non-availability of school textbooks even two weeks after schools have reopened.

Parents are upset that though classes have started there are no textbooks available in the market and children are unable to revise their lessons.

"To compound the problem, teachers put pressure on students to buy the textbooks even though they know that the books are not available in the market," said Uma, whose son is in the eight standard.

"Social studies, science and mathematics textbooks are not available in the market. All these subjects require attention from the basic stages and students cannot cope with the heavy load at the end of the year," she added. The introduction of the trimester system in State-board schools has added to the students' problems.

With the non-availability of textbooks, students are now hard-pressed for time to prepare for examinations.

However, a few students are trying to cope with the situation by borrowing textbooks from their seniors.

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