Stressed executives opt for sleep-inducing pills

Divya Ramamurthi

Complicated lifestyles causing sleeping disorders Too much coffee or too much stress cited as reason for this Psychologists suggest meditation as an ideal way to fight stress

BANGALORE: The city must be home to a lot of disturbed people, if the sales of sleep-inducing medicines and tranquilisers are anything to go by. Pharmacists say they are selling more and more of these drugs over the past few years.

A pharmacist on Cunningham Road says that he gets at least five requests every day from persons for such drugs. Another pharmacist, who operates a 24 hours pharmacy on Infantry Road, says he sometimes even gets people who come up to him past midnight and ask for such medicines. Neurologists in the city say they too are seeing more and more cases of persons with sleep disorders. Many of the people who have this condition belong to the software industry or call centres.

Different time zones

"Because they have to keep to different time zones, their sleep cycles get disturbed very badly," says K. Palani, a neurologist.

Doctors and psychologists say that de-stressing techniques such as meditation and physical exercise help immensely in treating sleep disorders.

"Calming music and meditation eases the mind and helps people sleep better. Unfortunately people are just too busy to listen to them," says psychiatrist Bharati.