State issues guidelines for gyms; makes face shields mandatory

Gyms have been told to take up group activities online as far as possible.File photo

Gyms have been told to take up group activities online as far as possible.File photo  

The State government has prescribed guidelines for operation of gyms, which include mandatory use of visors (face shields) while exercising as wearing masks may affect breathing. However, people have been advised to wear masks when they are not exercising.

The guidelines issued by the Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports have also asked gyms to provide pulse oximeters to help users know the blood oxygen saturation level before commencing activities. Those having less than 95% of blood oxygen will not to be allowed go ahead. It is also mandatory for gyms to ensure availability of disinfectant wipes and paper towels.

The gyms are supposed to check the temperature level of all the users before allowing them inside and those having fever or any infection are not to be allowed. It is mandatory for gyms to maintain a record of various details, including mobile numbers, age and residential address of the users.

While the gyms in containment zones are not allowed to function, those above 65 years of age and those below 10 years besides pregnant women are not allowed to enter gyms.

Gyms are scheduled to restrict the number of users by allocating a minimum space of about 4 square metres per person. To ensure this, they have been advised to operate in shifts so that the users could be spread over. Similarly, they are supposed to ensure respiratory hygiene inside the gym and shift the equipment to open areas as far as possible.

The guidelines have advised gyms to take up group activities online as far as possible and strictly avoid activities that involve making noise or laughing such “laughter yoga.”

The instructors have to maintain a distance of six feet from the users and the staff from containment zones are barred from attending to duty.


  • Space of 4 sq. metre per person to be allocated

  • Pulse oximeters to be provided; those having blood oxygen saturation level of below 95% are not to be allowed

  • Protocols prescribed for maintaining floor, equipment, and respiratory hygiene

  • Those aged below 10 and above 65, besides pregnant women, not allowed

  • Distance of six feet between instructor and user prescribed

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