Special team to analyse petitions given to Krishna

KANA-HOSAHALLI (BELLARY DT.) Oct. 10. The Chief Minister, S.M. Krishna, along with many of his Cabinet colleagues and senior officials, made a quick tour of some parts of the district as part of his "Janaspandana" programme on Thursday.

The Chief Minister and his entourage entered Bellary district from Chitradurga district.

Mr. Krishna first visited Kana-Hosahalli where hundreds of people were waiting to submit their petitions in the scorching sun. He went round and received the petitions.

As the bus carrying the Chief Minister could not pass through the narrow roads in the interior areas, the smaller buses introduced by the KSRTC for rural transport were used. The convoy, consisting of at least 200 cars, headed towards Bandi Basapur tanda.

At the tanda, Mr. Krishna walked around, spoke to people, and met members of the Stree Shakti groups and listened to their demands before arriving at the venue to receive petitions.

Around 4 p.m., the convoy headed for Bandihalli for lunch arranged in the house of the Kudligi MLA's house.

"This (Janaspandana) is an experience of a different kind, and we are enjoying it. The petitions received, which pertain to various issues ranging from health, education, repair of tanks, will be analysed by a special team of officials. I have promised the people to respond to their petitions within 30 days," Mr. Krishna told presspersons before calling it a day.