Shun superstition, women told

Staff Correspondent

SHRAVANABELAGOLA: "It is imperative for women to empower themselves. At the same time, it is necessary for them to shun superstition," Hemavathi Heggade of Srikshetra Dharamsathala has said.

Inaugurating the three-day national Jain women's convention here on Friday organised by the Mahamastakabhisheka Committee in connection with Mahamastakabhisheka to be held in February 2006, she said there are several restraints for women, which have left them as prisoners of tradition.

The situation has now changed to a large extent. With a change in the socio-economic scenario, women are now more independent and leave their impression in every field, she said. It is necessary for them to enthuse others to come out of the clutches of traditional restrains and invest their energy into transforming the lives of those who are still chained by tradition, she added.

Underlining the importance of women in building a healthy society, Ms. Heggade said women should groom the future generation by providing proper guidance to children. Regretting the "ill effects" of what she termed as the "satellite (TV) revolution," she said that by beaming programmes which sensationalise violence and sex, channels are misguiding the youth. It is necessary for parents to guide their children in the right direction and expose them to universal values, she said.

Recalling the service rendered by many women to society, she said one should not forget the contribution made by such great souls to various movements that shaped the country. Rani Attimabbe's service in restoring dilapidated Jain Basadis and publishing major literary works should be a model for the present generation, she said.


Commending the contribution made by the Jain community to the development of society, Ms. Heggade said the community has practised coexistence.

Neelam Jain, Editor-in-Chief of Mahiladarsh, who presided over the function, noted that Mahatma Gandhi used the concept of "Ahimsa" propagated by Jain Tirthankara Mahaveera to achieve independence for the country. It is important to recognise the contribution made by women satyagrahis in achieving independence, she added.

Sri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji of Shravanabelagola called upon women to protect the culture and values propagated by visionaries by introducing them to the present generation.

Bhavani Revanna released a souvenir comprising works on the Jain community. Bhanukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji of Kambadalli Mutt was present.