Shivraj Kumar felicitated

Shivraj Kumar

Shivraj Kumar  

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Recognition comes for his role as `Kumararama'

KAMPLI (BELLARY DISTRICT): Actor Shivraj Kumar was moved when the people of Kampli town in Bellary district accorded him a warm felicitation on Sunday for donning the title role in the film, "Gandugali Kumararama".

Gandugali Kumararama, son of a powerful king Kampilaraya, who ruled Kammatadurga near Kampili, was a valiant fighter who successfully defended a Thuglak invasion.

Shivraj Kumar and his wife Geeta were honoured with shawls, rose garlands and a silver sword by B.S. Anand Singh, a mine owner, on behalf of the people.


The title, "Paranari sahodara" (given to Kumararama by his mother), was conferred on Shivraj Kumar.


In reply to the felicitations, Shivraj Kumar said that he was overwhelmed by the love and affection showered on him by the people of Kampli.

He appealed to the people to encourage Kannada films.

Popular songs

He enthralled the audience by rendering a couple of popular songs from films, including "Janumada Jodi" and "Jogi", and the audience, which had gathered in large number, cheered him when he danced.

Earlier, Shivraj Kumar launched an ambulance service. The ambulance was donated by Mr. Anand Singh.

Joy Boys orchestra from Bellary gave a performance.

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