Sharing joy with one another

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Sankranti is basically a harvest festival, which brings immense happiness among farmers. They share their joy by distributing whatever they have grown in their fields.

Even the city dwellers have continued the tradition of preparing and sharing pongal and the sumptuous mixture of jaggery, coconut, til and groundnut.

On the city's Sri Vani Education Centre School's Hanumavana campus, Sankranti was celebrated in all its grandeur.

Thoranas of mango leaves, rangolis and floral decorations caught the eye of the passers-by.

Teachers taught children how to prepare pongal in earthern pots and gave a tip or two about the ingredients.

Enriching the festive atmosphere was a song scripted by the teachers but rendered by the children in their collective symphony.

The children had another reason to feel happy: They were all presented with gifts and sweets. Of course, the pongal was there too for eating, along with the cooked sweet potato.

First and second standard students of the school had prepared til ladoos for the special occasion.

In the process, they learnt the nutritious values of til, jaggery and dry coconuts. Later, they distributed the ladoos to one another with these words: "Eat the mixture, speak good things and do good deeds."

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