Police breakthrough, a relief to Guttedars

GULBARGA NOV. 9. The breakthrough achieved by Bangalore City Police in the Ashok Guttedar murder case with the arrest of the paramour of the wife of the deceased in Bangalore on Friday has come as a relief to the chief of the State unit of the Kisan and Labour cell of the All-India Congress Committee (AICC) and former minister, Malikayya Guttedar, and his close relative and Aland MLA, Subash Guttedar.

The suspicion was on Mr. Subash Guttedar, Ashok Guttedar's brother, his son, Santosh Guttedar, Mr. Malikayya Guttedar, and his two brothers, Satish Guttedar, and Chandrakant Guttedar. Ashok Guttedar was found murdered in his relative's house in Bangalore in June.

The breakthrough achieved by the police has also silenced those who had launched a movement seeking the arrest of Mr. Subash Guttedar, Mr. Malikayya Guttedar, Mr. Santosh Guttedar, Mr. Satish Guttedar, and Mr. Chandrakant Guttedar.

The strained relations between Ashok Guttedar and Mr. Subash Guttedar, and the decision of the former to challenge the supremacy of his brother in excise auction led to the suspicion that the latter was involved in the murder.

While the mother of Mr. Subash Guttedar was the first wife of Rukmayya Guttedar, Ashok Guttedar was born to his second wife. The acrimony between Mr. Rukmayya Guttedar, who supported Ashok Guttedar, and Mr. Subash Guttedar is an open secret in political and social circles. Mr. Rukmayya Guttedar's relations with Mr. Malikayya Guttedar strained after the death of Venkayya Guttedar, father of Mr. Malikayya Guttedar. Venkayya Guttedar was a fatherly figure for the Guttedars and managed the excise business efficiently without giving room for any dispute among the family members.

The statement by Mr. Rukmayya Guttedar and the complaint lodged with the Bangalore City Police alleging that Mr. Subash Guttedar, Mr. Malikayya Guttedar, Mr. Santosh Guttedar, Mr. Satish Guttedar, and Mr. Chandrakant Guttedar were behind the murder of Ashok Guttedar came in handy for the political adversaries of Guttedars to accuse them of criminalising politics and eliminating their political rivals with money and muscle power.

The arrest of Subash Patil, a student of Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College and son of the Congress leader, Tukaram Patil from Afzalpur taluk, who is also a political adversary of Mr. Malikayya Guttedar, silenced those who sought the arrest of Mr. Subash Guttedar, Mr. Malikayya Guttedar, and his brothers based on the complaint by Mr. Rukmayya Guttedar.

Mr. Rukmayya Guttedar also staged a dharna in front of the Deputy Commissioner's office here in protest against the inaction of police in arresting the culprits responsible for the murder of Ashok Guttedar.

Though police claimed that Ashok Guttedar's wife Padma's affair with Subash Patil was said to be the reason for the murder, they are yet to arrest her.

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