Padayatra for peaceful Holi

HUBLI, MARCH 24. A "padayatra" was taken here today by members of Hindu and Muslim communities with a view to ensure peaceful celebration of Holi in Hubli.

Hubli has generally been peaceful during Holi celebrations of late. But every year as the festival approaches, there is a marked tension in the air both among the people and also officials about the possible disturbance of peace.

The march which originated from the Moorusaviramath, passed through several areas which have been considered by the police as sensitive, and concluded at the Hazrat Syed Fateshavali Darga in Old Hubli.

The leaders of both communities offered prayers at the temples and dargahs on the way. Ismail Kalebudde, Former MLC, Ashok Katwe, Former MLA, Mangalgouri Agnihothri, Mayor, HDMC, Vijayanand Hoskoti, Anilkumar Patil, former Mayors, Anwar Mudhol, Savanur, Mulla, D.K. Chauhan, Corporator, Satish Meharwade, Rajshekhar Menasinkai and others were present.

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