NASSCOM develops data analysis tool to help in fight against pandemic

The State government, in collaboration with the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) has developed a data analysis tool to help in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. “This product can provide all relevant coronavirus-related information including source of infection, its classification, infection rate, statistical information, detecting the infection, as well as treatment, along with real-time information on available infrastructure and human resources,” said Deputy Chief Minister C.N. Ashwatha Narayan in a video conference with leaders of the IT-BT sector at launch.

He highlighted Karnataka’s management of the situation using the latest technology. He also highlighted the need to improve existing health care infrastructure.

“It is important to digitise the healthcare services for which the help of the IT-BT sectors will be essential. We need to use all available resources to provide 24/7 health care in the city. Our work should be a model for other states to follow. I, as a doctor, am ready to provide all possible cooperation. I request all companies to join hands with me in doing this.”

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