Mysore hospital launches telemedicine

MYSORE, MARCH 24. The Bangalore-based Wockhardt Heart Institute will offer cardiac care to patients here through telemedicine.

Wockhardt's telemedicine service, "Heart Connect," was formally commissioned at the Gopal Gowda Shanthveri Memorial Hospital here today. The telemedicine service was inaugurated by the former Union Minister V. Srinivas Prasad. The service will provide emergency and elective support to patients.

For the first time, remote access connectivity will link the intensive care unit at the Gopal Gowda Hospital with the unit of Wockhardt Heart Institute in Bangalore. "This enables critical parameters such as ECG to be electronically transmitted to Wockhardt and read by the cardiologists there. This service will provide lifesaving diagnosis in crisis situations," an official from Wockhardt said.

The service will also enable remote consultations with cardiologists and cardiac surgeons at Wockhardt for which patients had to travel to Bangalore earlier, the Vice-President of Wockhardt Hospitals, Vishal Bali, said.

The Director of the Gopal Gowda Shanthaveri Memorial Hospital, Vishnumurthy, the Chief Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon of Wockhardt Hospital, Vivek Jawali, and Mr. Prasad spoke.

The Director of Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), Mysore, G.A. Bawa, and the Deputy Commissioner, G. Kumar Naik, were present.

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