MLC blames officials for delay in supplying textbooks

BIDAR, AUG. 14. The BJP leader and MLC Shashil Namoshi has demanded action against officials of the Directorate of Textbooks who, he alleged, failed to ensure the timely supply of textbooks to poor children in most of the government schools in the State.

Speaking to presspersons here on Friday, Mr. Namoshi said that the Minister for Water Resources and Transport, M. Mallikarjun Kharge, had gone back on his assurance to the Legislative Council that the officials would be suspended if textbooks did not reach schools in a week.

He alleged that several irregularities in the process of printing the textbooks had brought the process to a halt.

A high-level inquiry by the Government had shown that only 35 per cent of the books had been distributed to schoolchildren.

There was a demand for 2.85 crore textbooks in the State. Mr. Namoshi said that the Chief Minister, N. Dharam Singh, had "forgotten" his promise to ask the Chief Secretary to head an inquiry into the alleged irregularities.

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