Metrail threatens to take legal action

Special Correspondent

BANGALORE: Metrail India Pvt. Ltd., the consortium promoting the monorail in Bangalore, has said it is contemplating legal action against officials of Bangalore Mass Rapid Transit Ltd. (BMRTL) for making "baseless and slanderous remarks" about monorail.

Officials named

According to a press release issued by Metrail India, the officials named in the legal notice are K.N. Shrivastava, Managing Director, BMRTL, and S.N. Venkata Rao, Adviser, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

The Chairman of Metrail, Zafar Saifullah, former Union Cabinet Secretary, said the BMRTL officials are making statements that are damaging the reputation of the monorail system and also misleading the public about the quality and advantages of monorail.

Clarifying that the monorail system is not just based on solar energy, as was made out by the BMRTL officials, Mr. Saifullah, said that the system relied on multiple energy sources (hence the term hybrid) of which solar energy accounted for a mere 10 per cent of the energy requirement. The other sources are batteries, CNG-genset and regenerative braking motors.

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