Merchant loses Rs. 60,000 to tricksters

Staff Reporter

His attention was diverted and the cash bag taken away

BANGALORE: Two men diverted the attention of a cloth merchant and robbed him of a bag containing Rs. 60,000 in cash in Chickpet police station limits on Friday night.

The police said that around 9.30 p.m. Mukesh Jain came to Mamoolpet to purchase cloth from a wholesale dealer. When Jain was speaking on his mobile phone, two persons came to him and said there were bloodstains on the rear seat of his van.

When Jain was trying to clean the stains with a piece of cloth, they made away with the cash bag from his van, the police said. On a complaint by Jain, who owns a retail cloth shop on Triveni Road in Yeshwanthpur, the Chickpet police have registered a case.

Murder case solved

The Upparpet police have solved the murder mystery of Rohan Paul (37), a chartered accountant, by arresting six persons. Paul was stabbed to death in Gandhinagar on March 10.

The police said a six-member gang led by Shankar waylaid Paul on Kalidasa Road, stabbed him in the thigh and robbed him of Rs. 1,000 in cash. Paul died of excessive bleeding following deep cut in the veins, the police said.

Women arrested

The Commercial Street police have arrested three women who had allegedly stolen gold ornaments worth Rs. 2.40 lakhs from people travelling by BMTC buses.

The three burkha-clad women travelled by BMTC buses and stole the purses and handbags of women commuters, the police said. The police have recovered the ornaments worth Rs. 2.40 lakhs, the accused had pledged with pawnbrokers.

In another case, the Commercial Street police have recovered 30 mobile phones, together worth Rs. 1.50 lakh by arresting three persons who had allegedly stolen the phones from people travelling by BMTC buses.

Body found

The body of a 40-year-old man was found on the new Anand Rao Circle flyover on Saturday.

The police said the man appeared to be a patient. He had a fresh bandage on his hand. The man is yet to be identified.