Man found murdered

MYSORE, NOV. 29. A man aged around 40 was found murdered here on Monday. The victim's head was crushed with a boulder in front of a liquor shop on Benki Nawab Street Cross behind Chamundeshwari cinema. The police said the body of the man was lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the road. Although the incident came to light only around 4 a.m. after residents found the body, the police suspect the murder to have taken place around 1 a.m.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the murdered person was seen drinking at the arrack shop till late last night. The roadside petty shop owners informed the police that they had seen the person coming out of the arrack shop, removing his clothes and abusing somebody. The police suspect that the murder could be result of a petty quarrel. Roadside petty shop owners reportedly told the police that the victim was a regular customer at the arrack shop. During his interaction with the shop owners, the victim had identified himself to be hailing from Nazarabad in Mysore. He had claimed to be vendor of vadas and bondas.

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