Making profits via pomegranates

T. Ravindra, a farmer of Sultanpura village of Chitradurga taluk, has become rich overnight.

Earlier, despite having almost 20 acres of agricultural land he did not earn more than Rs. 4 lakh annually. However, just five acres of the same land has now made him rich.

Mr. Ravindra has become a successful pomegranate farmer in the district by producing not just export quality pomegranate but also by making a huge profit.

His farm, 14 km away from Chitradurga, boasts one of the finest qualities of “Bhagwa” variety of pomegranates which he cultivates on a five-acre land.

With 1,800 plants, Mr. Ravindra has earned a profit of Rs. 12 lakh. “The fruits are ready for the second harvest, through which I can earn Rs. 15 lakh,” he said while proudly displaying the dark-saffron colour pomegranates which are close to the size of a baseball. At the time when pomegranate cultivation was considered a huge gamble as several farmers have incurred heavy loss, it was not an easy task for Mr. Ravindra to take the risk.

With the guidance of a pomegranate expert, Mr. Ravindra decided to cultivate pomegranate, a cash-rewarding yet risky crop, by borrowing money from private money lenders as banks did not offer loan. Mr. Ravindra put in an initial investment of Rs. 7 lakh that includes cost of cultivation, labour, pesticide, and organic manure.

His gamble paid off as he was getting rich dividends from the crop.

He gives all this credit to the pomegranate expert Eshwarappa.

Mr. Ravindra said that he has already sold a box (30 fruits weighing 400g each) at Rs. 2,000 and another box at Rs. 1,000 with fruits weighing 200g each. Each acre of plantation produces 15-20 tonnes, but he has produced close to 30 tonnes per acre. He asks other farmers to adopt pomegranate farming. with the help of experts for higher profits. Mr. Ravindra can be reached on 9945706217.

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