‘Withdraw super fast status to Tipu Express’

Special Correspondent

MYSORE: The Karnataka Consumer Forum has urged the Railway Board to withdraw the “Super Fast Train” status accorded to Tipu Express which runs between Mysore and Bangalore as there was no change in the running time of the train between the two cities.

In a representation submitted to the Chairman of the Railway Board, president of the forum S.P. Thirumala Rao pointed out that neither the running time of Tipu Express had decreased nor was there any improvement in the services offered to the passengers.

The forum has complained that ever since the train was accorded the “Super Fast” status, passengers are being forced to fork out the additional “super fast” fee of Rs. 53 whereas the tariff between the two cities is Rs. 43. The forum said it has received many representations and complaints from passengers and commuters who travel by the Tipu Express as they were being charged extra while the arrival and the departure timing of the train has remained unchanged.

The forum said that fixing the tariff based only on the speed and not on the basis of facilities provided amounted to unfair trade practices and urged that the status be withdrawn immediately.

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