‘Street play is an effective means of communication'

Veteran theatre artiste Enagi Balappa has said that street plays and folklore were the most effective means of communication.


Inaugurating the five-day training programme for street play and folklore artistes organised by the Department of Information here on Tuesday, he said that street play, which had its origins in theatre, had emerged as a simple but effective medium of communication to raise awareness among the people on issues of social importance.


In street plays, the screen, music, sound system and lighting were secondary.

The artistes effectively conveyed the message through body language and acting, he said.

Mallikarjuna Kelagade, Director of the Department of Information, said that though the State Government had been introducing welfare schemes for the benefit of the people, the needy were deprived of them because of lack of awareness.

The department had worked out schemes to organise street plays as they were the best means to educate people.


The department's efforts were yielding results, he said.

“Ariyona Baa”, a street play by selected amateur artistes from Belgaum division, and “Sharifara Tatva Pada”, a folk performance by Veeresh Badigera and troupe, were organised on the occasion.

Basavaraj Kambi, Deputy Director of the Department of Information, Belgaum Division; P.S. Parvati, Senior Assistant Director, State Information Centre, Hubli; and C.P. Mayachari, District Information Officer, Haveri, were among those present on the occasion.

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