‘Hidden agenda revealed in en masse transfer’

Special Correspondent

‘Government should have posted senior officials with commitment to

top posts’

GULBARGA: The leader of the Opposition party in the Legislative Assembly, M. Mallikarjun Kharge, in a cautious reaction to the mass shake-up of senior officials by the State Government, said on Tuesday that in its zeal to post the officials it favoured, the Government should not give room for complaints of officials being labelled pro-Bharatiya Janata Party and anti-BJP.

Talking to presspersons after inspecting the progress of the work in the new court complex in the outskirts of the city, Mr. Kharge said although it was the prerogative of the new government to post officials according to its administrative convenience, the large-scale transfer of the senior bureaucracy on Monday had given room for complaints of honest and committed officers being “punished” or denied suitable posts, while undeserving officials got plum posts.

Mr. Kharge said that in the normal course, before a transfer was executed, the official’s individual performance would be reviewed. Based on his commitment, honesty and performance, he would be given the new posting in the overall interest of the State. “However, in this case, the en masse transfers only go to prove that the BJP is going ahead with implementing its hidden agenda,” he said.

He said concerning Gulbarga district, the government should have posted senior officials with commitment to the top posts to do justice to the backward region .