‘Give no scope for corruption in relief disbursement’

M.V. Rajasekharan  

Staff Correspondent

Rajasekharan tours flood-affected villages

HUBLI: The former Union Minister, M.V. Rajasekharan, has asked the State Government not to give any chance for irregularities in the disbursement of relief to the flood-affected families.

Speaking to presspersons here on Monday after a tour of the flood-affected villages in North Karnataka, Mr. Rajasekharan said that the Union Government had realised the gravity of the situation in the State and released funds. It was now left to the State Government to ensure transparency in the relief measures.

Referring to his visit to the affected villages, he alleged that many officials were not working properly in providing relief to the affected families. At several gruel centres the quality of food served to the displaced people was poor.

On the demand for assistance of Rs. 10,000 crore for taking up relief work in the State, he said that although the State Government had been demanding such assistance, it had neither prepared an action plan for relief work nor set up any task force for tackling the situation.

“How can they convince the Union Government of the need for more assistance if they do not have any action plan for the utilisation of the funds?” he asked.

Mr. Rajasekharan said that the officials should work towards providing a comprehensive picture of loss in their respective districts, so that the Government could convince the Union Government of the need for assistance.