‘Everything can be made better with Open Source’

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: The five-day Open Source India Week, spread over three cities, was inaugurated at the Indian Institute of Science here on Monday. Aiming at raising awareness levels about Open Source software and showcasing the latest in the field, the first two days of the five-day event were conducted in the city. The expo will now move to Mumbai and subsequently to Delhi.

Klaus Knopper, creator of Knoppix Live CD, kicked off the Bangalore Chapter of the event by his speech and presentation on Open Source software and the concept of 3-D desktop.

Building a case for Open Source Software, he said that 3-D desktop, which is propriety-based, would require dedicated graphic processor unit, high processing speed and would occupy at least 10 GB.

Comparing this to Open Source software, which takes up only 2.5 GB of space, he said that the opportunities are seamless. “This event shows that there is no need to use propriety software anymore, everything can be made better with an Open Source,” he said.

Keynote speakers from companies such as Microsoft and Intel spoke.

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