‘Dyche’: exploring the Dalit psyche

Staff Reporter

Bangalore: “Dyche – The Dalit Psyche” by M.C. Raj and Jyothi seems different from the body of writing on Dalits, as it attempts to delve into the psychological dimensions of Dalit liberation.

In fact, this 1,034-page volume contains four books, each of which deals with different historical and psychological dimensions of the Dalit community, published by the Ambedkar Resource Centre at the Rural Education and Development Society (REDS) in Tumkur.

The release of “Dyche” on B.R. Ambedkar’s death anniversary on Saturday at Shikshak Sadan saw a gathering of over 1,000 people, including members of the Dalit community, activists and academicians. The authors, who have penned books such as “Dalitology” and “Dalitocracy”, were present.

The chief guest was R.K. Nayak, Rajya Sabha member .

Speaking on “Dyche”, Mr. Nayak emphasised on its message for the Dalit movement as a whole. “It is powerful, has great depth and a rare understanding of the subject,” he added.