‘Double accounting system’ soon in gram panchayats

Staff Correspondent

This will ensure transparency and help systematise expenditure

Three firms shortlisted for award of contract

Decision taken at meeting of CEOs

Madikeri: The services of registered accounting firms will be availed of by the Kodagu Zilla Panchayat to ensure a proper accounting system and usher in transparency and accountability in the gram panchayats in the district. This comes in the wake of the decision taken at a meeting of Chief Executive Officers of the zilla panchayats in the State in April to hire credible accounting firms to maintain a double accounting system in the gram panchayat, replacing the earlier “single entry” system, Deputy Secretary of the Kodagu Zilla Panchayat Zulfiqarulla said on Saturday.

Eight accounting firms from all over the State participated in the tender bids of the Kodagu Zilla Panchayat, of which three have been short-listed — one each from Madikeri, Mysore and Shimoga, based on points secured by them after meeting various requirements stipulated by the zilla panchayat. The three firms have scored more than 70 marks on a scale of 100, Mr. Zulfiqarulla said.


The new development will be in tune with the Karnataka Transparency Act of 1999. The request for proposal (RFP), and terms of reference (ToR) had been made ready by the zilla panchayat for its implementation in 98 gram panchayats in the district.

Under the new system, which came into force on April 1, 2007, emphasis is laid on the double accounting system. For instance, if a gram panchayat desires to buy furniture, cash will be deposited in a bank account opened specially for the purpose, as debit, while the money would be credited to the furniture account.

Such practices will not only replace the earlier single entry system, wherein the gram panchayat secretaries used to make entries in a register, but the zilla panchayat will also be able to know how, why and for what purposes the funds were spent.


It will also do away with corrupt practices in the gram panchayats. The “double cover tender” system is being adopted with technical tenders and financial tenders being opened separately.

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