‘Caravan for Peace and Justice’ passes through city

Special Correspondent

Around 500 people take part in rally; distribute pamphlets

MYSORE: The Jamaat-e-Islami Hindu’s “Caravan for Peace and Justice” passed through the city on Thursday with a call to society to condemn violence and uphold peace.

The rally taken out in the city was part of a Statewide effort to create awareness on the turmoil in the country due to terrorist activities.

Around 500 people passed through the main thoroughfares of the city. They distributed pamphlets carrying the message of social harmony and peace to the public.

Bishop Reverend Thomas Anthony Vazhapilly inaugurated the rally and marched with the activists.

The organisation condemned the increasing violence, terrorism and violation of human rights and stressed the need to adopt peaceful means in pursuing one’s objectives.

Expressing concern over the present turmoil in the country, it said this was a matter of great concern as communalism, regional and linguistic chauvinism and caste conflicts had erupted in the country.

These were actually the symptoms of an ailment afflicting the nation. The organisation said the basic responsibility of maintaining peace and establishment of justice rested with the Government which should order a probe into such acts by an independent high-powered commission and publish a White Paper of the conclusions drawn.

The Government should also seek the cooperation of heads of all the sections of society to solve the problems.

The organisation also urged the investigating agencies and the police to desist from blaming any community for the disruptive acts of a few individuals and said no arrests should be made without proper warrants. Those in police custody should not be tortured to extract confessions, it added.

It also urged the media not to play the role of the judiciary and pass hasty judgements while individual acts should not be attributed to their communities.

A memorandum was submitted at the office of the Deputy Commissioner with demands such as probe all communal clashes and expose the guilty and implement the recommendations of the National Police Commission to end illegal detention among others.

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