‘BC census will be completed on time if panel gets help’

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State must provide infrastructure: Dwarakanath

‘The commission needs a full-time member-secretary’

Rs. 17.5 crore sought to take

up census

Madikeri: Chairman of the Karnataka Permanent Backward Classes Commission C.S. Dwarakanath said on Tuesday that if the State Government cooperated, the commission would complete the process of backward class census by April or May next.

He was speaking to presspersons at the Capital Village resort near here. The Government should provide infrastructure, over one lakh enumerators, technical experts and facilities, apart from resources to undertake one of the toughest tasks. As many as 1.18 crore households would have to be touched during the census operation, Mr. Dwarakanath said. The commission needed a full-time member-secretary to ensure its proper functioning, he added.

The Centre had granted Rs. 21.5 crore to the commission, while the State Government gave Rs. 1 crore a few years ago. The commission had sought from the State Government Rs. 17.5 crore to take up the census work, he said.

The “Intelligence Character Recognition” (ICR) format with 90 identified indicators to know the social, educational and economic background of the castes would be used to conduct the census. The Dr. Dwarakinath committee had recommended that the ICR format was the best for enumeration, Mr. Dwarakanath said. He said that there were files of 140 castes pending before the commission to be considered for inclusion in the backward class list in the State, including the Namdharis in Kodagu. The commission would not look into that issue unless the census was over. There were 95 castes in category I, 102 in IIA, Muslims were in IIIB, Vokkaligas, Kodavas, Balijas were in IIIA, Lingayats in category B, he said.

Mr. Dwarakanath said that the Centre or the State Government had not bothered to consider the just demands of the CNC. The commission would do its best to bring the issue to the notice of the State Government.

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